botox Southampton
Dr Xavier & Associates Clinic
25 Queen's Terrace, SOUTHAMPTON SO14 3BQ

Dr Xavier's Clinic (London)
At Avanti Aesthetics Clinic, 140 New Cavendish Road
Fitzrovia, LONDON, W1W 6YE

For both clinics call 023 80 637 638

botox Southampton
botox Southampton
botox Southampton
botox Southampton
Award Winning Medical Clinic Southampton & Fitzrovia, London
Skin, weight, hormones, hair & health.

Welcome to our clinics in Southampton & London (Fitzrovia)

We aim to improve, protect, maintain and restore your physical and mental health and well-being.

Welcome to our clinic website. I am Dr Xavier Goodarzian and I am the founder and principle clinician of the clinic. I am also joined by my medical colleague and senior Nurse Practitioner Luis Costa BSc and, together with my team of clinic aestheticians and reception staff, we are here to help you.

We first opened our doors in 2006 and we're now the longest-serving clinic of our kind on the south coast that's doctor-led. Over the years we've seen many changes in our industry, with sadly very little effective regulation for most providers. However, the one thing that has not changed is that most people prioritise safe and trusted treatments in a professional and caring medical setting. Our clinic is registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC), meaning that we are regulated and inspected like hospitals.

We are a local independent, national-award-winning clinic, and we care about your experience. Dr Xavier and his experienced team have been helping people with their health, wellness and skin for over 18 years and it would be an absolute pleasure to serve you too.

botox Southampton
Dr Xavier – Lead Physician

dermal fillers Southampton
Luis Costa – Senior Nurse

We offer a wide range of treatments and therapies for your skin health, inner health, weight management and hair. All of our treatments and therapies are medically-based and designed to protect, maintain, restore and improve your physical and mental health and well-being - helping you become the best version of you.

We are a medical clinic not a beauty salon so your physical and mental health is our sole mission and we offer only safe, tried and tested treatments. There are lots of "fad" treatments that we have seen come and go, many fuelled by the social media era that we live in (such as "Russian Doll lips" and "Fox eye threads". If you are looking for these purely cosmetic treatments, then we are perhaps not the clinic for you.

Everything we do is provided in a medically-supervised clinical environment and your care with us starts with a consultation with a doctor or nurse prescriber to discuss and recommend the best treatment or care package for you.

Please browse our website to find out more and if you have any questions please call us on 02380 637638 or visit our contact page to book an appointment or request more information.

Thank you and my team look forward to serving you.

Dr Xavier Goodarzian MD (Hons) Dip Clin Derm (London) PG Cert (Cos. Med) MRCGP MBCAM.


botox Southampton
The Dr Xavier G Medi-Spa Clinic in Southampton
is a Multi-Award Winning, Doctor Owned, Private Clinic

medical clinic botox southampton

Multi Award Winning, Doctor Owned, Private Clinic

The Dr Xavier G. Medi-Spa clinic, in central Southampton, is a UK multi-award-winning doctor-owned private clinic - offering a wide range of medical cosmetic, skin health, health and wellness and preventative treatments for the face, body, hair and inner health. All our treatments and services are designed to restore, maintain and improve your health and well-being.

The clinic offers other health and weight loss treatments such as Alevere Therapy - a medical weight-loss treatment that helps you to lose weight in a safe way as well as helping to reshape and contour your body without surgery - with all the health benefits that a healthier weight can bring.

We offer REVIV intravenous vitamin drips / infusions and we are delighted to be the first REVIV partner in Hampshire and Southampton. The benefits of intravenous infusions are many and they can aid hydration and enhance alertness, help detoxify and cleanse the body, reduce the symptoms of viral illnesses/colds and boosts the immune system, and even reported to help alleviate depression. Added benefits include; helping to add shine to hair, skin and nails. In addition, we offer intramuscular booster shots to promote wellness, support weight loss and boost energy levels to help you in daily life.

The clinic also offers laser hair removal for excessive face and body hair concerns, recognising the significant impact this can have on one's confidence as a symptom of hormonal conditions. We also offer a number of treatments to help against hair loss and promote regrowth. This includes low level laser therapy/intense photo-diode therapy, Mesotherapy and PRP (platelet rich plasma) - all for hair regrowth due to balding and Alopecia. Hair thinning itself, can be a symptom of a number of conditions and it can have a negative impact on the quality of life and life confidence for many sufferers and our medical doctor can assess you and provide recommendations.

Our clinic is registered with the CARE QUALITY COMMISSION (CQC) - this is the government's statutory regulator of healthcare services in England.

medical clinic botox southampton

Treatments and Services We Offer:

SKIN & FACE - medical cosmetic treatments - skin health, healthy anti-ageing

We offer a wide range of cosmetic medical treatments to improve your skin's health and your self-confidence. Includes, injectable non-surgical treatments such as LINE SMOOTHING DERMAL FILLERS (such as Juvederm Ultra, Restylane, Emervel, Stylage, Perfectha, Voluma, SubQ, Radiessse), PRP (PLATELET RICH PLASMA), SKIN PEELS (light, medium TCA and Depp Phenol), SCULPTRA, ELLANSE, DERMAROLLER, MEDICAL SKINCARE (such as Obagi NuDerm, Dermaceutic, Restylane, SkinCeuticals), treatments for STRETCH MARKS, SEMI-PERMANENT MAKE-UP MOLE & SKIN-TAG REMOVAL, LASER HAIR REMOVAL, SKIN CONDITIONS, THREAD VEINS, spider veins and unsightly red veins and much more.

HAIR - restore thinning hair & laser hair removal

We offer a wide range of treatments for HAIR too. For thinning hair, balding and alopecia in men and women we offer a number of treatments that promote hair re-growth for thicker fuller hair. These include low level laser therapy/intense photo-diode therapy, Mesotherapy and PRP (platelet rich plasma). The laser therapy uses a FDA-approved specification for an effective treatment to gradually, naturally improve hair thickness and health without surgery and our other treatments are injectable and performed by a medical doctor. We also offer laser hair removal to offer a permanent reduction in body and facial hair for men and women using a lightsheer laser. For both treatments a course of treatment is required.

BODY & WEIGHT LOSS - Body contouring, nutrition & inner health

Our clinic is proud to be part of both the ALEVERE THERAPY network anD the NATIONAL MEDIAL WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAMME. Alevere Therapt is a medical alternative to liposuction and gastric surgery and provides a safe and reliable path to a healthier you. We also offer MESOTHERAPY, ULTRASOUND and LPG machine treatments for to treat localised FATTY AREAS and CELLULITE, as well as NUTRITION & DIET ADVICE, ALLERGY testing, FOOD INTOLERANCES. We also have a special medgem CALORIE MEASUREMENT device that can measure your Personal METABOLIC RATE so you know how many calories your body 'burn's every day - this not only helps you during weight-loss but also helps you gain the most from working-out in a gym or doing other exercise. We are also able to help with EXCESSIVE SWEATING (hyperhidrosis) and offer treatments for THREAD VEINS, spider veins and unsightly red veins (with microsclerotherapy and Veinwave in conjunction with Elizabeth Bardolph RGN).


As many as 80% of women entering menopause are affected by vaginal dryness and about 50% of women completing menopause continue to experience vaginal dryness. Desirial is the world's first range of bioresorbable, injectable hydrogels, exclusively developed to preserve women's intimate health. The treatment is performed by our doctor who is specifically trained in this procedure and it is performed with particular respect to your care. For more information click here.


Hormone replacement therapy is used to replace body hormones that are in short supply (through age) and it offers a solution to many conditions, including menopause symptoms in women and andropause symptoms in men. Using a combination of prescribed bio-identical hormones (testosterone, oestrogen, progesterone and DHEA) along with proper nutrition and exercise (all of which we can help you with), can help a you return to optimal levels of mental, physical, emotional and sexual health that you once enjoyed in your 20s and 30s. For hormones for women CLICK HERE and for men CLICK HERE.

REVIV IV NUTRIENT THERAPY - Intravenous Vitamin Drips for Health & Wellness

We offer a range of intravenous drips / infusions and intramuscular booster shots (vitamin B12, Slimboost, CoQ10+, Vitaboost) using specific formulations provided by REVIV - a worldwide leader in the field of infusion therapies. Applying innovative western medicine to an eastern philosophy of balance, REVIV helps restore equilibrium through vitamin-infused IV therapies to combat and to treat the effects of dehydration, strenuous physical activity, ageing, sunburns, fatigue, and other factors.

Why Choose Us?

Experience, qualifications and reassurance

Our clinical team includes medical professionals whose top priority is you! You do not see a sales person. Instead, you see a professional with many years of medical experience and all the reassurance, ethics and responsibility that this brings. Sadly, in the largely unregulated UK market, there are many practitioners out there with little or no medical qualifications providing some of the treatments that we offer so it is often difficult to know there to turn.

If you are looking for a practitioner but you are not sure how or who to choose then we have 5 TOP TIPS to help you decide. Watch our Senior Nurse Luis Costa BSc in this video where he shares those top 5 tips …

Tailor Made, Individual Treatment Programmes

By using our state-of-the-art Visia Complexion Analysis system as part of a face treatment, we can assess your skin and develop a tailor-made programme for you. Visia can identify various skin problems enabling us to recommend the best treatments and products for you. We can also advise you on aftercare home treatments to help you gain the maximum benefit from your investment 'in you'.

Our Promise To You

1 - Personal service:
Our team is dedicated to giving you a personal service and the time you need. We welcome you to our clinic as our Guest and encourage your questions and feedback. We will never rush you and we have no 'pushy sales staff'.

2 - Impartial expert advice:
Our consultations enable you to discuss the results you desire and find out ALL the options available. We only offer treatments that we feel are effective and have established safety profiles, and they are tailored to you!

3 - Excellent aftercare:
The service we provide does not end as you leave the clinic. We are here to answer your questions after your treatment and provide reviews of your progress to help ensure you are happy with your treatment.

visia complexion analysis southampton

doctor led botox clinic southampton

We Are a Doctor Led Clinic

Our clinic team is led by Dr Xavier - a GMC-registered medical doctor who also lectures in many of the treatments we offer. Dr Xavier is a former hospital doctor and GP and he established our clinic over 18 years ago.

Dr Xavier has specialised in cosmetic (aesthetic) medicine for a number of years. He is an Advisory Board member for The Association for Facial Aesthetics and a member of the Training Advisory Board for Sculptra® (a group that trains other medical practitioners in this advanced treatment).

Dr Xavier is regularly featured in the press and has also appeared on national television a number of times, as an invited expert on cosmetic treatments (including: ITV1's prime-time documentary "Lesley Ash: Face-to-Face"). Dr Xavier is also a regular lecturer in cosmetic medicine and he teaches in Bond Street, London, as well as lecturing at seminars and conferences around the UK and Europe, teaching doctors, surgeons and nurses in popular and advanced treatments.

Dr Xavier is also joined by a small and dedicated team of specialist nurses and practitioners - all committed to providing the very best service to our clients.

doctor led botox clinic southampton

Luis Costa BSc - Senior Nurse

Luis is our Senior Nurse Practitioner and he brings a wealth of medical experience in patient care. His career in medicine led him to work at University Hospital Southampton at Southampton General Hospital where he has worked for several years in a number of disciplines, more recently Neurology. His passion for learning new skills and an interest in aesthetic medicine led him to train in a wide range of treatments and we are delighted to have him on the team.

As if he is not busy enough, Luis is also studying for a Master's Degree, believing that personal study and learning are important for professional development and to remain in tune with new treatments too. Luis offers a wide range of injectable and wellness treatments at our clinic including hair restoration treatments and intravenous vitamin drips and booster shots.

About The Xavier G. Medi-Spa Clinic in Southampton

Dr Xavier G. Medi-Spa Clinic is not a beauty salon, it is one of the first Doctor-led, "medical aesthetic" clinics opened in Hampshire. Over the years we've helped thousands of clients to feel more confident, improve their skin health and body health.

Dr Xavier G. Medi-Spa Clinic is one of the few clinics in Hampshire who specialise in offering carefully researched non-surgical aesthetic treatments backed by medical evidence.

Style As Well As Substance!

The clinic is situated in a beautiful Georgian (grade-2) listed building overlooking the tree-lined Queens Park. From the moment you enter, you will find a luxurious mix of old and new, with beautiful interiors and relaxing ambiance, but most importantly - a warm welcome awaits you!
Take a Tour of Our Clinic

Dr Xavier's Art Gallery

The clinic rooms and reception are also designed by Dr Xavier. Each room is adorned with artwork and canvasses painted by Dr Xavier himself and these create a wonderful atmosphere for our clients to enjoy. You may take a tour of Dr Xavier's art by clicking the button below.
View Dr Xavier's Art Gallery

Conveniently Located

We are conveniently located on Queens Terrace (overlooking the park) in the city-centre area of Southampton, next to the vibrant area of Ocean Village and Oxford Street - click here for directions to our clinic.

We offer flexible appointments and there is plenty of convenient parking located nearby.

Being located near the city centre we are also within walking distance for many. You can find directions to our clinic and a map by clicking here or, if you have a car with satellite navigation, simply enter our postcode SO14 3BQ.

We are easily accessible from areas not only around Southampton and Hampshire but because of good road, rail & ferry links we are also easy to get to from Bournemouth, Salisbury, Portsmouth, Winchester, Isle of Wight and even Bristol, Brighton and London.

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Consultations at The Xavier G. Medi-Spa Clinic in Southampton

No-Obligation Consultations

We can offer a one-to-one consultation for cosmetic skin treatments with Dr Xavier or our Senior Nurse Luis Costa. Consultations are 30 minutes and our medical practitioner will listen fully to your concerns, assess your area(s) of concern, answer your questions and guide you about your treatment options.

The consultation fee is £50 and it is your opportunity to speak to one of our experienced medical professionals and have your concerns and questions answered fully.

For our Alevere weight correction therapy and other weight therapies we offer a free initial pre-consultation and treatment tour with one of our clinic therapists and a one hour consultation and health assessment is then needed with one of our doctors costing £95.00 if you decide that you wish to start the plan.

Payment Options To Suit You

For your convenience and to suit most budgets we offer a range of ways to pay for the cost of your treatment. Whether you are a regular client or simply have an occasional treatment there is a number of options. We accept most credit/debit cards and cash. We are no longer able to accept cheques but pre-arranged BACS transfers are possible.

For higher cost treatments or for treatment programmes we have teamed up with one of the UK's largest providers of private patient finance to offer no interest loans (0% APR) and low cost loans. Simply call us for more details (subject to application).

We offer a loyalty scheme called 'Just For Me Rewards' - this enables you to budget for the cost of your expected treatments over the coming year and you receive a discount of 10%. You simply pay by direct debit through one easy monthly payment and you receive a discount for doing so too! There are no credit checks, no interest and the normal Direct Debit Guarantee applies.

Children and Infants

We regret that we are unable to accept children and infants in the clinic. We accept this might cause inconvenience but our considered reasons are as follows:

We do need to ensure a quiet and respectful ambiance for all our clients and we do not have the facilities or physical space to stow buggies and prams in the clinic. The clinic contains furnishings and equipment that are delicate and may, if interfered with, pose a danger to children, whether unsupervised or supervised. As much as we love our kiddies, their natural curiosity and imaginative natures means their desire to explore may bring them into danger!

Finally, for obvious safety reasons, children are not allowed in treatment rooms (needles, syringes, equipment etc!) and we are not able to supervise or be responsible for children if left in the waiting room.

It is therefore respectfully advised that we cannot accept children and infants in the clinic and ask that you arrange suitable childcare for the duration of your appointment.

Would You Like to Know More?

You will find useful information on our website or if you would like to receive a free information pack, we would be delighted to hear from you, call us on 02380 637638 or click here for our 'contact us' page.

Popular treatments include:

Line smoothing wrinkle reduction dermal fillers – non surgical facelift – liquid rhinoplasty – nose filler – nonsurgical rhinoplasty ageing skin - Sculptra collagen stimulation – Ellansé collagen stimulation - Genuine Dermaroller - Medik8 Dermaroller – Mesotherapy – PRP Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy – Treatment for thinning hair – Alopecia treatment – Photo diode laser Hair therapy – Mesotherapy for hair restoration - Observ skin imaging complexion analysis - scar reduction - stretch marks (stretchmarks) reduction -Vavelta cell therapy for acne and burns scars - treatment for keloid scars and scarring with steroid injections - glycolic peels - TCA peels - medical skin peels - chemical peels - Deep Peels - Phenol Peels - Silhouette Soft Threads - PDO Threads – Thread-lifting – Photofractional skin rejuvenation - Dermalux LED Light Therapy - Chemical Blepharoplasty - treatment for abnormal pigmentation such as Melasma, Chloasma, Rosacea, acne, acne scarring, eczema, dermatitis - problem and excessive facial and body hair such as a result of polycystic ovaries syndrome (PCOS) and hormone conditions – bio-identical hormone replacement therapy – HRT – testosterone replacement – low libido treatments - fat treatments, fat dissolving injections – vaginal dryness – vaginal discomfort – poor sex drive – low self-esteem - cellulite treatments, laser hair removal, IPL hair removal, ultrasound fat and cellulite treatment, Life Coaching, NLP, CBT and EFT Therapy - semi-permanent make-up (cosmetic tattooing) - treatments for thread veins, spider veins and unsightly red veins with nd-YAG laser - treatments that can help with life confidence and self-esteem issues and much more. Local anaesthesia is always offered for injectable treatments for your comfort and reassurance.

Amongst our treatments and products, we offer trusted and popular brands which can include; Restylane, Perlane, Restylane Vital, Restylane Vital Light, Restylane SubQ, Juvederm Voluma, Juvederm Ultra, Hydrafill, Belotero, Teosyal, Emervel filler, Stylage Filler, Sculptra collagen stimulation, Ellansé, Dermaroller, Vavelta cell therapy for acne and burns scars, Obagi Nu-Derm (NuDerm), ZO skincare by Dr Zein Obagi, Mene & Moy, DermaCeutic, Innovation Concept Peel (ICP), Amelan, SkinCeuticals, Forever Living Products (FLP), Arbonne International products, Glo Minerals, Skintech Peels, XL Hair, RRS Mesotherapy, Neostrata Peels – Bio-ID, Desirial, Aqualyx, REVIV intravenous vitamin drips and infusions – REVIV intramuscular shots - Lumenis M22 laser and many more trusted brands.

Did you know?

If you are considering procedures such as; cosmetic surgery, weight loss surgery, liposuction, gastric banding, Smartlipo (laser lipolysis), laser treatments such as Fraxel, Pixel, IPL, Thermage, and radiofrequency, Pelleve, VelaShape, microdermabrasion and others we may have equally suitable medical treatment alternatives that are often less invasive and have less down-time - just ask us for more information.

We also provide access to therapies for irritable bowel syndrome - IBS, blood testing services, allergy testing, food intolerances, metabolic rate testing, arthritis and joint problems, help with fatigue and low energy as well as migraines and headaches - just ask us for more information!

We also provide access to cosmetic surgery including; face lifts, upper and lower eyelid and brow lift surgery, neck lift, nose surgery (rhinoplasty), chin surgery, fractional CO2 laser surgery for wrinkles, fat injections, breast augmentation, breast uplift, breast reduction surgery, tummy tuck, vaginal surgery and more.

Patient information

We are a state-registered clinic (regulated by the Care Quality Commission - CQC) not a beauty salon. We expressly employ registered healthcare-trained professionals to provide a range of treatments and services on the assumption that the treatments we provide are for primarily medical reasons. As a doctor-run medical clinic our responsibility is firstly to our patients. We therefore only provide treatments where it is felt it is in the patient's best interest to prescribe them and they are performed for primarily medical reasons. This follows a consultation with a medical practitioner, a relevant medical history is taken and assessed and patient consent to treatment is then obtained. Whilst medical treatments are exempt from Value Added Tax, clinics are required to add Value Added Tax (20%) onto treatments that are primarily for cosmetic reasons. Many aspects of one's physical facial appearance, body image, skin-health or general health and weight can have a negative effect on the way a person perceives oneself and it can negatively affect one's life confidence, self-esteem, personality or the way one interacts with others.

Many people receive, so called cosmetic (also referred to as non-surgical) treatments to control migraines, frequent headaches and atypical facial pain. Others seek this treatment or a wide range of other treatments to improve their self-esteem or self-confidence, treat depression, or other medical conditions such as damaged skin, scarring, burns, excessive sweating, or other medical skin disorders. Your particular reasons for having chosen a treatment will be discussed with your practitioner during a free consultation and we have a wide range of treatments, services and therapies, all administered in a clinical setting that can help relieve or treat a wide range of medical concerns. Some of these treatments may be long-term and on-going and there are many other medical reasons why people seek advice from registered healthcare/medical practitioners. By attending our clinic we hope that you do not mind self-certifying that your treatment is for the relief of primarily a medical reason, concern or condition. We feel that a record of this fact will enable us to demonstrate that we only provide treatments where it is felt it is in the patient's best interest to prescribe them as there is a medical need for the treatment(s) as determined between the patient and the medical practitioner.

Monitoring quality - voice recording

To help us monitor the quality of the service we provide as well as for your protection and the protection of our practitioners, please note that all calls to our clinic as well as consultations and treatments carried out may be recorded by audio voice recording equipment. These recordings are securely stored and their contents are not shared with any person or organisation outside our clinic without your written permission (except where needed for legal reasons). If this causes you concerns please do not hesitate to contact us for more information but please note our practitioners may refuse to treat or consult with you if audio voice recording is refused by you.

wrinkle smoothing southampton hampshire

botox southampton hampshire

botox southampton hampshire

botox southampton hampshire

botox southampton hampshire

Xavier G. Medical Aesthetix Ltd., 25 Queens Terrace, Southampton, Hampshire SO14 3BQ
For more information or a no-obligation consultation please phone 02380 637638

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Dr Xavier G Medi-Spa Clinic, 25 Queen's Terrace, Southampton, Hampshire SO14 3BQ
Phone: 02380 637638
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