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botox Southampton
botox Southampton
botox Southampton
botox Southampton
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Penis dermal fillers (non-surgical or medical penoplasty) have in recent years become a popular option and they are a good alternative to penis enlargement surgery or penis fat.

The penis filler treatment is a similar concept to having the autologous fat injection surgery, but instead of using the patient's own fat, another material called hyaluronic gel is injected under the penis skin so as to increase the size.

The major advantage of the filler is that it can be performed under local anaesthesia in a treatment room instead of a surgical theatre. This means that the whole process lasts around an hour, it does not require any downtime and you can return to your normal daily activities immediately after the treatment. For this reason, it is also significantly cheaper and fillers have a very good safety profile.

Treatment is performed over 2 treatment sessions about 4-6 weeks apart and is performed under local anaesthesia - so it is a walk-in-walk-out treatment of usually within an hour.

penis enlargement southampton

penis enlargement southampton

Advantages of Medical Penoplasty instead of surgery

Before the introduction and refinement of medical penoplasty, the only option available for men who wanted to undergo penis augmentation was the surgical option. So medical penoplasty using Hyaluronic Acid (HA) gel is a highly innovative technique for many reasons:

  • Risk of complications is much lower
  • Downtime and aftercare is reduced to 5 to 8 days
  • The procedure is comfortable
  • The procedure is performed under local anaesthesia
  • The procedure is reproducible and reversible
  • HA gels are safe, and already a scientifically proven product for other parts of the body and face and have been used in millions of treatments worldwide.
  • Final results are visible almost immediately
  • Touch-ups are possible if necessary, following the initial 2 treatment sessions.

What Results can be achieved?

A dermal filler treatment increases mainly the girth of the penis, and the increase will slowly get re-absorbed and generally needs to be retreated every 12-18 months. On average, the 'half-life' of the treatment is about a year.

The circumference can increase by around 2 to 4cm and an increase of 1cm to 2cm in length can be observed. The size of the penis can vary from one man to the other, at rest as well as in erection and the increase is dependent on the volume of filler used as well as the current anatomy of the penis. Typically the first treatment session will comprise of 10mls of dermal filler and the second session typically 5-10mls - but the actual amount used will be determined during the medical consultation.

It is a procedure that allows a man to regain confidence, particularly in the flaccid (resting) state. Some men may have lost confidence in their virility, especially when comparing their sex to others' experiences.

However, it is important to note that this procedure does not improve sexual performances but can have an impact on sensations for the patient and his partner as well as an increase in confidence which can overall impact the quality of the patient's sexual intercourse.

Treatment Motivation

The issues surrounding men's intimate anatomy are complex. Whether it relates to the ability to function or perform, or the confidence a man has and the pressures he faces internally with confidence and peer pressure, all of these can create anxiety and have a devastating effect on self-esteem, social interactions, intimate relationships with a partner and overall quality of life.

The medical aesthetic industry has seen an increase of the demand for this procedure within the last 10 years. In our modern society, the penis is a representation of virility, strength and youth, to the point that it has become symbolic for this. This image has also largely been spread by the depiction of an ideal of the man on social media, advertising and ultimately in the porn industry. This has also led lately to the "locker room complex" - a feeling of shame or embarrassment about the size of one's penis at rest in comparison with others' in sports changing rooms, swimming pools, saunas or hammams - is also one of the main reasons why many men decide to undergo a medical penoplasty.

Each patient will undergo a full initial consultation with Dr Xavier that includes a medical and physiological assessment to fully understand the often-multi-faceted issues surrounding his motivations for treatment. If it is determined that the treatment is in the best interest of the patient and primarily for medical reasons (either physical or psychological or both), and not purely cosmetic, then a treatment care plan can be provided, and treatment can be offered following a minimum cooling-off period of at least 48 hours.

What does the first consultation entail?

A consultation is always required, and treatment will not be offered at this first visit. The consultation is important for 2 main reasons - (1) so that a full medical assessment and treatment plan can be made and (2) it is an opportunity for you to gather information and ask questions to ensure that the treatment is something you want to consider.

The consultation is also to:

  • Listen carefully to your motivations and understand your expectations.
  • Ascertain the quantity of syringes needed, the number of sessions needed and the treatment cost. A typical cost is around £2,500.
  • Measurements are also required.

What is the treatment procedure?

Although the treatment is medical and not surgical, we follow the strictest of hygiene and care standards to ensure a safe treatment.

To make the treatment area comfortable we will use a topical anaesthetic cream as well as small injections to fully numb the treatment area.

There will be a chaperone as well as the doctor in the room during the treatment and you can choose a male of female chaperone as per your preference.

The treatment appointment is generally for an hour but the procedure itself takes less than this time and following the treatment you will be shown how to massage the area post-treatment.

What is the aftercare?

After the procedure, you go can go back to normal life with only the following recommendations post-treatment:

  • Massage for 2/3 days (the practitioner will demonstrate how to do it after the injections)
  • Immediate resumption of sports activities (except running) after 5 days
  • No water-based sports for 5 days
  • Antibiotics if necessary for 5 days
  • No sexual activity for 8-14 days

Before and After Photos

Due to the sensitive nature of the treatment area, instead of publishing photos online we have included a PDF document that contains before and after photos of the treatment. It may be downloaded below. Be advised that this document should only be downloaded if you are over 18 years of age.

For your reassurance - clinical standards

We recognise that it can be difficult to come forward to seek medical help for such an intimate concern so we can reassure you of a discreet and professional experience at all times.

We are first and foremost a medical doctor led clinic and regulated by the Care Quality Commission (the CQC) like other clinics and hospitals, so our care standards exist to respect your dignity and confidentiality.

For more information about the treatment or to speak with a member of the team simply call us on 02380 637638 or to request a call back from a male member of the team use our contact form to request this.

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