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25 Queen's Terrace, SOUTHAMPTON SO14 3BQ

Dr Xavier’s Clinic (London)
At Avanti Aesthetics Clinic, 140 New Cavendish Road
Fitzrovia, LONDON, W1W 6YE

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botox Southampton
botox Southampton
botox Southampton
botox Southampton
Dr Xavier's Award Winning Medical Aesthetic Clinic Southampton

FACEplan - Your Personal Plan

We are all different!

It's a simple fact that we all have different facial features, skin condition, and facial movements. Therefore, to achieve and then maintain the best results for looking good and feeling great about ourselves, your cosmetic treatments must be individually tailored to you.

Also, many treatments are non-permanent and to maintain the result we desire they may need to be repeated at regular intervals (example: every 3-6 months).

FACEplan is a discounted pre-payment scheme that covers most of the treatments you need to help you feel great about the way you look. The treatments you need are personally packaged into your plan by your practitioner through a simple monthly subscription paid conveniently by direct debit.

FACEplan is flexible

To suit your budget and personal needs!

Your plan will be tailor made to suit the condition of your skin, your personal requirements and the most suitable treatments available at your clinic. The practitioner will design your programme with you to give you optimum benefits and ongoing care for the monthly subscription. This not only saves you money but enables planning of your treatments for a better longer term outcome.

Benefits also include:

  • Free skin consultations with Dr Xavier twice per year to ensure that you receive independent advice about how to keep your skin looking great!
  • Factor 30 sun protection cream - 6 tubes per year. This natural aloe vera based formulation also acts as a calming after-sun lotion and can be used by the whole family and over the whole body for daily or holiday use.
  • 15% discount off all facial skin care products (cosmeceuticals).
  • 10% discount off all facial rejuvenation treatments.

For a free information booklet call us on 02380 637638

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Xavier G. Medical Aesthetix Ltd., 25 Queens Terrace, Southampton, Hampshire SO14 3BQ
For more information or a no-obligation consultation please phone 02380 637638

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Dr Xavier G Medi-Spa Clinic, 25 Queen's Terrace, Southampton, Hampshire SO14 3BQ
Phone: 02380 637638
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